Miriam Safowaa

Miriam Safowaa

A multi- talented young lady, with an exceptional command over the English and Twi languages.

She started pursuing a career in acting since childhood. A product of St. John's Grammar Senior High School, Miriam Safowaa has a good register of productions she has played various roles in.

Notable among the long list of jobs include Obra ( Akan Drama),' The Legend', ' Dirty Pretty Secrets', 'Children of the Mountain', 'Yours Truly', 'Sunshine Avenue', Airtel and Blue Jeans commercials.

This sportive young lady loves to play football and volley ball. Although Miriam is well known for her acting prowess, she is also blessed with a very good voice and leaves many marveled by her alto and baritone vocals.

Miriam Safowaa aspires to be an entertainer in the music and movie industry.

Miriam plays the role of Akweley in House of Umoja.