Eric Kofi Nti Agyemang

Eric Kofi Nti Agyemang

Eric Agyeman is a 29 year old Ghanaian with an HND in Accountancy at Takoradi Technical University, after graduating from Accra Academy High school.

He is a self motivated individual who is inspired by nature and the conviction that there is an absolute unlimited ability to create.

A passionate individual filled with countless dreams and visions and a thirst for success, he sees himself among the giants in the showbiz industry and related professions.

He visualizes his efforts contributing to shape the image of the industry and achieving the thirst for success he has always wanted. Everything is possible when the mind is put to it and that’s what he stands for. Achieving all that needs be.

He has been involved in many TV productions such as Hooked (Feature length), Yours Truly (TV series), Bitter Chocolate (TV series) - Self written, Sunshine Avenue (TV series), Don’t panic (short film), My worst enemy (Feature length), Illusions (TV series),Kakai bitters (TV commercial), Vodafone Yeetwi ko promo (TV commercial), Cherie Noodles (TV commercial), Universal Merchant Bank (TV commercial), Vodafone health line (TV commercial), and Spa body and beyond (TV commercial).

Eric plays the role of Manuel in th House of Umoja series.