Joyce Chachu

Joyce Chachu

Joyce Chachu is a budding, dynamic and young actress that loves to express herself and bring to life characters and roles given to her.

She attended Radford University where she studied Communication design. She also had informal training in acting at Dreamcube Studios where she featured in a pilot of a series (Middleton High School). She has also featured in some commercials and skits for various brands like Fanmilk and Unilever.

She believes one should pursue their dreams so far as they are passionate about it, which is how she feels about acting and she intends to pursue it all the way to the Oscars!

Joyce Chachu is looking foward to exploring every opportunity and challenge in her chosen area of interest which is acting and implores others to folow their passion as well.

Joyce Chachu plays the role of Evelyn in the House of Umoja Series.